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Links to Past HHUP Presentations

COVID-19, It's Complicated (especially for seniors)

Listen to COVID-19, It's Complicated (esp for seniors) with Dr. Stephanie Trifoglio, Aug.8, 2020

Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging

Dr. Nadine Sahyoun, Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Science, UMD in a timely and informative discussion sponsored by Explorations on Aging College Park (EOA) and Helping Hands University Park (HHUP) 

Protecting Your Future: Estate Planning & Long-Term Care

Elder law attorney Jennifer Brandi (Stavely & Sallitto) discusses planning for long-term care needs and services with an eye towards preserving assets. Presented Oct. 24, 2020, co-sponsored by Hyattsville Aging in Place and Helping Hands University Park.

The Drama of Aging: A Legal and Practical Guide to Reducing the Drama of Aging

Elder law attorney and UP resident Julie Schejbal addresses legal and practical issues that reduce the drama of aging. Program co-sponsored by HHUP and Hyattsville Aging in Place on Jan. 30, 2021.

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