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Helping University Park seniors age in community

Links to recent presentations

Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging

Dr. Nadine Sahyoun, Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Science, UMD in a timely and informative discussion sponsored by Explorations on Aging College Park (EOA) and Helping Hands University Park (HHUP) 

Protecting Your Future: Estate Planning & Long-Term Care

Helping Hands University Park (HHUP)

Elder law attorney Jennifer Brandi (Stavely & Sallitto) discusses planning for long-term care needs and services with an eye towards preserving assets. Originally presented Oct. 24, 2020, and co-sponsored by Hyattsville Aging in Place and Helping Hands University Park.


Need a hand? Lend a hand! We welcome UP seniors to join us as members & volunteers. We welcome all UP residents 18 + to join us as volunteers.

Email: HHUniversityPark@gmail.com

Phone: 301-892-6636



Thank you for enriching my life in so many ways, and most especially for giving me the confidence that I can continue living alone.


Our members are always so thankful. What they don't realize is that I get more out of providing a little assistance than they can possibly imagine.


My problem is with the repairs that are too small to call in a professional but that, one by one, make a nice house look shabby. HHUP helped change a garage light fixture and helped put in our heavy storm door.


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